Biomedical Research and Consultancy Company

Our Mission:

to guide and advise in the bio-pharmaceutical development from the moment of drug class/candidate selection through the preclinical and clinical trials to the approval of a successful medication.
Established in 1999, Target GmbH has specialized in project and quality management.

Special Expertise in the Development of

Small Molecules - Herbal Extracts - Veterinary Products - mAbs & Fc-Fusion Proteins - Growth Factors, Cytokines & Hormones - Biosimilars - Therapeutic Enzymes - Vaccines - Cell-Based Vaccines - Blood Factors & Anticoagulants - Oligonucleotides & Plasmids - Peptides & Recombinant Proteins - Nano-Particles -

Project Management & Interim Management

In drug development, time is money. Target GmbH offers the implementation and direction of the relevant program, ensuring the timely delivery of reports.

Regulatory Affairs

The ongoing introduction of new guidelines can be confusing. Target GmbH’s experience opens a path through the labyrinth of actual guidelines and documentation.

Modern apps offer exciting opportunities in almost every area in prevention, monitoring, documentation and therapy
of diseases. On the corresponding sites additional general information is collected. We are supporting clients and in their development.

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